Consultant, Abchurch Communications Ltd.

Sep, 2016 - July, 2017

Abchurch is a financial communications consultancy that delivers strategic advice and execution capability to businesses from global companies to seed-funded start-ups with growth potential.

Clients: Magnus Life Science, Phynova, Frontera Resources, Ascent Resources, Zenith Energy, Enterprize Energy, Angus Energy, Caspian Sunrise, Myanmar Investments International Ltd, Rockpool Acquisitions plc, The Marketing Group, Gate Ventures

  • Managing a broad range of clients in a variety of business sectors including health tech/biomedical devices, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, renewable energy, and foods
  • Working directly at client level to understand their visions and challenges to build in specific communication packages from media relations to IPO’s
  • Evaluating and managing social media accounts for clients; in particular successfully increasing Twitter followers to gain 2.1k impressions for one account over a 28-day period
  • Acquiring press and analyst coverage for clients, raising exposure and share price
  • Participated and presented on nine pitches, three of which converted to clients
  • Obtained and assessed feedback from clients’ advisors and investors, research analysts, and media in order to manage expectations and outcomes

Intern Doctor, Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore

Mar, 2014 - Feb, 2015

Rotated through three clinical postings (Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, and Internal Medicine) of four months each.

  • Reduced hospital expenses by successfully shortening orthopedic inpatient hospitalisation by approximately 50%, by collaborating with subspecialty teams and healthcare providers
  • Assessed and analysed critical clinical signs/lab results, indicative of a heart attack, which required immediate action, then escalating to senior members of the team, which prevented the patient being admitted to the ICU
  • Met daily deadlines, set by Senior consultants, to reduce the length of inpatient stays by collaborating with team members and other healthcare providers
  • Developed strong leadership skills, in addition to having great attention to detail. When alerted by nurses, I successfully diagnosed and treated abnormal symptoms/clinical signs, then administering the correct medication
  • Analysed patients in severe respiratory distress, when on-call and liaising calmly with senior on-call colleagues while dealing with a team of nurses and other patients

Public Relations, African Caribbean Society, RCSI

Sep, 2010 - Jun, 2011

  • Organised various parties and networking events
  • Organised and seeked sponsors / partnerships, including M&S and Tesco, for the annual Chocolate Ball raising over 1,500 Euros for AidAfrica

Volunteer, Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Center Clinic, Darjeeling, India

Jul, 2008 - Aug, 2008

  • Administrative work for the daily operations of the clinic
  • Guided patients in filling out consultation forms
  • Managed patient flow (between Reception, waiting area, and Consultation room) within the clinic
  • Packaged medications and explained medications usage to patients despite language barriers